Adding PoE to a Century Link GPON ONT

Century Link provide a Calix 716GE-I ONT to their consumer gigabit (GPON) customers. This device has a weird 9-pin DIN connector providing standard 12V 2A power. The extra pins are likely used for communication between an external UPS and the ONT, so the device can take actions when the power drops (e.g. prioritize telephone traffic […]

Arduino OTA uploads across networks & through firewalls

Arduino OTA support is great for updating devices over wifi. However the Arduino IDE only detects devices on the same broadcast network. If you run your IoT devices in their own vlan, this can be a a problem. However you can manually envoke an upload from the cli tools. Preparation This process is not exactly […]

Stories from a new Synology user – SSH Keys: wtf, no DSM support?

Wow. Despite the fancy UI fronting pretty serious storage operations beneath, and a whole range of managed packages on offer, I’m amazed there’s no DSM support for ssh keys in 2020. Yes, you can go manually set them up, but sheesh! Offering to enable SSH in the UI, nagging you about having a “strong password”, […]

Stories from a new Synology user – SHR: the order you add drives still matters!

When creating a new volume, start with the smallest drive first! When expanding capacity by swapping out drives, start with the smallest drive first! Despite the publicized benefits and ease of management of SHR over classic RAID, a under-highlighted problem is that it still requires new drives to be equal to or greater than existing […]